3 Products You Could Create in a Day

Thank you to our guest blog author, Katie Horner from Como Blog.  You will love her post on product creation!

Product Creation is important for several reasons:

  1. Unlike affiliate products, that could disappear from the market tomorrow, you are in control of products you create. However, the marketing of your own products also rests solely in your control.
  2. You can multiply your reach and income by establishing a great affiliate program of people who are excited to share your product with their tribe.
  3. You can enhance your own authority and experience both in content creation and in the topic niche of your choice.

3 Products You Can Create in a Day

Many entrepreneurs feel paralyzed when it comes to product creation. They either don’t believe in the product they imagine, they let fear of failure deter them from starting, or they are so much a perfectionist that they never get it “just right” and get it out to their market. It’s all in how you see it…


When I finally understood the potential of creating and selling my own products, I took an idea, created and outline, made some notes and set out to write an ebook. I completed the ebook and got it on Create Space and Amazon in a single day. It takes motivation, and hard work, but it can be done. That was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Since that first ebook, I have gone on to create countless information products and you can too!

Here are 3 products you could create in a day.

1. A Short Report

In the professional world a short report is like a short ebook covering one main topic. It can be a mega list of step by step instructions, tips, quotes, links, tools, apps, etc. Is your site too new to have that much content? Consider using a PLR (private label rights) piece. Make a cute promo graphic, upload the file to your store and wa-lah!

Example: Free short report “50 Powerful Tips for Successful Business Habits”

2. A 3,000 Word Ebook

Think about it, 3,000 words is not very long. It may be the length of about 6 blog posts give or take a few hundred words. Do you have a series on your site that could be repurposed as an ebook? Do you have a topic you are passionate about that you could write several short chapters for? With Canva you can easily (and for free) create a cute ebook cover and then add it to your store or open a free account on Create Space and upload there for amazon print and kindle sales.

Example: My ebook: “The Blogger’s Guide to Seasonal Marketing”

3. A Video How-to Series

The mobile phone camera really has revolutionized video production for me. It is SO easy to record video now! All it takes is a little bit of prep for your outline and background set and you are ready to roll. What do you know so well you can teach it to others? What do you always get asked how to do? Why not create a video series to explain it and put it in your store. They don’t have to be long 1-5 minutes each, with each one explaining a different step in the process. Want to dress it up? Add handouts or a notebook to the package.

Example: The Blog Like a Pro Class – This one is a bit longer and did take more than one day, but think about what you could do as a 3 to 4 video series.

So, now it is up to you? You have something the rest of the world needs. What awesomeness will you create for your audience?

The Como Blog Connection comoblog.com/connectionKatie Hornor is the founder of Como Blog, a bilingual education site for bloggers and online business owners, and the new Como Blog Connection, where you will find resources, connections and mentoring to spur you on to reach your business dreams. Get info about The Connection and download the Free ebook 50 Powerful Tips for Successful Business Habits at Como Blog.

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My Cross Blog Conversation with Benecia Ponder – (Round 3)

Have you been following my cross blog conversation with Benecia Ponder?  It has been a fun experience.  One I hope to repeat in the future with other bloggers.

Cross BlogCollage

When we first started this challenge, Benecia and I agreed to do three rounds of questions and answers.  Benecia kicked off our challenge and I will close it. This is the final segment.

Yesterday, Benecia offered my readers a free gift:  From Stuck to Unstoppable.  It’s five days of personal transformation that will help you to identify and begin to sweep away the obstacles standing between you and your biggest goals and dreams.  Access is absolutely free at http:://UnstoppableYouRevolutiion.com

And, if this is your first time joining our conversation, you’ll definitely want ot catch up on our previous posts.

Now……the final segment of our conversation.

Our Conversation


It is the end the week already!  WOW this has been fun.  The week went fast and I have learned a lot about you and your amazing business.

I really appreciate the free course you offered my peeps.  I hope some of them take advantage of the offer.

Now for my answers to your questions:

Benecia Asked:  What do you most want to accomplish with your business?

My Answer:  I want to help other people be successful online.  I also want to have a business to retire  to when I leave my current job.

Benecia Asked:  I have many readers who are entrepreneur and business owners. What services or products can you offer them to help boost their social media effectiveness?

My Answer: I offer Social Media Management and content writing as well as Curation and Blog writing.  On my website you can sign up for FREE Social Media Tips to help them improve their visibility and engagement.  In a few days I will also be offering a 15 day FREE  program of social media coaching by email.  If they sign up now for the FREE Tips, they will be notified about the coaching program when it goes live.

Benecia Asked:  This has been a busy month for both of us in the Stretch Yourself Challenge. How do you plan to maintain your momentum going forward?

My Answer:  Well during the next two weeks I am having a blog makeover and I am finishing up my free 15 day Social Media coaching program.  I am also going to the Exposure and Profit Conference in Toronto. Then I signed up to do some coaching with Kelly McCausey in May so I think I will keep the momentum going with  no problem, at least till June  🙂

This has been a fun experience and I want to thank you for participating in this challenge with me Benecia.

I hope you, the reader,  have enjoyed listening in on our conversation back and forth.  Thanks for joining us.

Robin Sig