My Cross Blog Conversation with Benecia Ponder – (Round 3)

Have you been following my cross blog conversation with Benecia Ponder?  It has been a fun experience.  One I hope to repeat in the future with other bloggers.

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When we first started this challenge, Benecia and I agreed to do three rounds of questions and answers.  Benecia kicked off our challenge and I will close it. This is the final segment.

Yesterday, Benecia offered my readers a free gift:  From Stuck to Unstoppable.  It’s five days of personal transformation that will help you to identify and begin to sweep away the obstacles standing between you and your biggest goals and dreams.  Access is absolutely free at http:://

And, if this is your first time joining our conversation, you’ll definitely want ot catch up on our previous posts.

Now……the final segment of our conversation.

Our Conversation


It is the end the week already!  WOW this has been fun.  The week went fast and I have learned a lot about you and your amazing business.

I really appreciate the free course you offered my peeps.  I hope some of them take advantage of the offer.

Now for my answers to your questions:

Benecia Asked:  What do you most want to accomplish with your business?

My Answer:  I want to help other people be successful online.  I also want to have a business to retire  to when I leave my current job.

Benecia Asked:  I have many readers who are entrepreneur and business owners. What services or products can you offer them to help boost their social media effectiveness?

My Answer: I offer Social Media Management and content writing as well as Curation and Blog writing.  On my website you can sign up for FREE Social Media Tips to help them improve their visibility and engagement.  In a few days I will also be offering a 15 day FREE  program of social media coaching by email.  If they sign up now for the FREE Tips, they will be notified about the coaching program when it goes live.

Benecia Asked:  This has been a busy month for both of us in the Stretch Yourself Challenge. How do you plan to maintain your momentum going forward?

My Answer:  Well during the next two weeks I am having a blog makeover and I am finishing up my free 15 day Social Media coaching program.  I am also going to the Exposure and Profit Conference in Toronto. Then I signed up to do some coaching with Kelly McCausey in May so I think I will keep the momentum going with  no problem, at least till June  🙂

This has been a fun experience and I want to thank you for participating in this challenge with me Benecia.

I hope you, the reader,  have enjoyed listening in on our conversation back and forth.  Thanks for joining us.

Robin Sig

Cross Blog Conversation with Benecia Pondor – (Round 2)

BeneciaFUN!  This blog post conversation is more fun than I anticipated.

A few days ago, I started a cross blog conversation with Benecia Ponder. We have been discussing our businesses and how we keep ourselves motivated and upbeat.  Benecia shared some strategies for staying positive in her last post.  If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to go back and read the post. She provided helpful information for all women.

If you missed any part of the conversation so far, here are the links to our previous posts

Round 2 of the Conversation

Thanks for your response Benecia!

I so enjoyed reading your responses.  I especially enjoyed the four strategies you shared for staying positive.  I am planning to put number 3 into practice today!

I loved the quote you provided of what you wished every woman knew.

“You were created to live your life with an abundance of passion, purpose, power, and prosperity.”

Your mission touched me….to inspire and empower women to have it all in a way that doesn’t sacrifice their faith, family, or themselves in the process.   So many of us feel we can’t have success without sacrificing something of importance.  Thank you for being there to help us realize that is a myth.

Now, it is my turn to respond.  You have provided some thought provoking and challenging questions.

Benecia asks:  How did you get started in your business?

Answer:  Several years ago, I noticed an ad for an online course in social media.  I loved facebook and I thought that might be a great little part-time endeavor.  I took the course, and another, and another but never did a lot with it.  I had a few clients to keep me busy, but it was more of a hobby than a business.   Then last fall when my son was going to college, I decided to stop the hobby attitude and make it a true business.  I found that people wanted me to write blog posts and curations more than they desired social media content, so I have focused more on the writing aspects.

Benecia asks:   What are some of the biggest mistakes you see entrepreneurs make when it comes to building their social media presence?

Answer:  The two biggest mistakes I see are:

  1. People assume because they are a business, they should just get on facebook and sell, sell, sell. They only post what they want to sell someone.  It is social networking and should be used to build relationships so people like, know, and trust you and the company and then if they decide to purchase something, their business comes to mind.
  2. Most people would not go up to something they see at a party and say buy this, buy this, buy this. yet they feel they can do that without any other conversation on social media.   For every 5 posts that are relationship building, you can post a sales pitch.  More than that ratio of sales posts and people will consider you to be spam.
  3. Posting infrequently.   Businesses should be posting at least once a day, preferably more often to be seen in the streams of their followers.   If you only post once a week, why bother?   No one is going to see your posts.  There is so much you can post about.  Ask a question, post a quote, showcase a customer, share a picture, share a video, share other people’s posts.  You should be able to come up with at lest 3 or 4 different types of posts to share each day.

Benecia asks:  If there was one piece of advice you could give to entrepreneurs about social networking, what would it be?

Answer:  Build relationships!  Honestly care of about the people that are following you.  Let your personality shine through and be real.  The companies that do the best with social media are those that have learned the secrets of building relationships.

The second piece of advice I would give is if you don’t have time to do a good job with your social media, then hire someone who knows how to do it and have it done for you.

Benecia asks:  One of the issues I struggle with most is being consistent with my social media interaction.  What strategies do you have for social media engagement?

Answer:  I have a few strategies that might be helpful:

  • Use a scheduling software such as Hootsuite, Co-scheduler, or Buffer to pre-schedule posts so you don’t have to sit on social media all day.  If you don’t have time to be on a day, you are covered with the pre-scheduled items.
  • Create a calendar or list of items you want to post each day and then find the things to fit for each day.   Example:  Post a quote each day, post a picture, ask a question, share your own or someone else’s information.  There you have 4 things.   So all of them could be pre-scheduled a day, week or month in advance.   Then you can add the day to day things as you wish.
  • Be patient and consistent.  At first it may feel like you are talking to the air, but with time and consistency people will start to engage.  Just be patient and don’t quit.
  • Post as though you were talking to a friend.  Make your information on social media conversational. People want to relate to a person.

I have lots more tips but I will stop there for now.

Benecia asks:   When you’re not serving  your clients or building your business, what do you most love to do? 

Answer:  This is the easiest question to answer.  I love to spend time with my family and to travel. Vacation time, various trips we have taken as a family around the United States and other countries have given us many wonderful memories.  My husband and I have always enjoyed traveling.  When our son was 6 months old we started traveling again.  He had his first beach vacation when he was 6 months, his first airplane ride at about a year old.  We have been traveling ever since.   We have seen most of the US, visited Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, France, and England.

I have included a picture of us this past summer on our European trip.


Entertaining and spending time with extended family is also important to me.  I also enjoy cooking and of course writing!

Benecia, thank you for asking these questions and sharing in this conversation with me.

Now, I have a few more questions for you…

  1. I find your passion so interesting.   What made you decide to go into this area?
  2. How do women respond when you begin to empower them?
  3. Do you find some women push-back to this type of motivation?
  4. I notice you have started adding video to your blog.  How is that going?  Do you like video?
  5. Ultimately what are your long range career goals?
  6. What kind of products and services do you have to offer my readers?
  7. When you’re not serving  your clients or building your business, what do you most love to do?

Looking forward to your responses as we begin the 3rd round of our converstaion.

Until next time..

Robin Sig