Did You Know You Have a Facebook Hidden Folder?

You may have messages that are hidden in a special folder in Facebook.  I found 20 messages, some from a year ago and some from yesterday.   In most instances it is people who are not your friends but  send you a message that get put into the secret folder.

Many of my messages were from people I didn’t know and don’t think I want to know….but at least 5 were from people that I would have responded to if I received the message in a timely manner. Why Facebook hides these posts and put them in a hidden folder is anyone’s guess, but I will give you instructions on how to find the messages on your iPhone.

1. Open your Messenger Program



2. Click on the gear near the bottom right.


Screenshot 1

3.  Click on the arrow to the right of People.


2016-04-09 20.48.30

4.  Click on the arrow to the right of Message Requests.


Screenshot 3

5.  Click on See Filtered Requests


Screenshot 4

6.  Then you should see all the messages that have been hidden.  You can delete, respond, etc.


screenshot 5

I hope this information about the Facebook hidden folder is helpful for you.  I had over 20 messages.  How many did you have?

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