So What Is Your Goal?


We all have plans for the future and ideas of what we would like to do, but do YOU have a goal?   Do you have an actual written goal for something you want to accomplish or master by a certain date?

I have found you can dream, wish, think and talk about doing something for weeks, months and even years.  But you don’t accomplish much till you actually make it a written goal.  It is like leaving for a vacation, but not knowing where you are going and not having a map.   You waste a lot of time figuring out where you might want to go and without a map you might end up anywhere.  You can just start driving, but all you do is waste gas.   Now an occasional spontaneous vacation might be fun and a great adventure.  But most times it turns out to be a better vacation for all if you plan where you are going before you leave home.   It is the same with goals.

You can’t expect to reach a goal if you don’t know the target you are aiming towards.  You need to write your goals down on paper and give them a date of when you want to reach them.  This plants a seed of timeliness in your mind.  There is a deadline.   You need to read your written goals daily.  I read mine at least twice a day.  Sometimes more often.

Then the final step of course is adding action to your goals.   You know what the goals are and when you want to reach them, now you have to add the work and action involved to get there.  This is where many people toss in the towel.   They want to see their goals happen, but  they want them handed to them without the work involved.  It just doesn’t happen that way.   Anything worth having or achieving is worth working for.  Yes, at times that work will seem like play, but you still have to pay your dues.

So there you have it……how to reach your goals.   Goals are simply a dream written on paper and given a deadline.   Followed up with action and hard work!  Use this simple formula and you will reach your goals in no time!

Why am I starting a blog?

Do I think people will want to read my blog?   I hope so, I mentioned yesterday that I wondered if anyone would want to read anything I wrote….my life really isn’t any more interesting than anyone elses.   But I think that is the secret to success….people like to know what other people are dealing with.  They like to know they are not alone.   They want to hear about other people’s issues.   Our grandparents watched soap operas and listened in on party lines, our generation watches reality tv shows and reads blogs.  In both cases we compare our lives to others.  Sometimes we look better, sometimes worse, but it gives us some comfort in knowing others deal with the same issues.  But bottom line…I’m writing because I want to and I’m sure some of the things I write about will be enjoyable for my son to read in the future!
Do I think that I will someday be famous because I’m writing this blog?   NO, but I do think I will make some people smile, I will make some people shake their head, and some might even get mad at some of the things I write.  There is always the chance that I could be like Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman Blog and get tv and book offers.  But that would be a surprise to all and not the reason I am blogging.  I do think I will reach people outside of my little Saxton/Hollidaysburg world.  I think somehow, someway I will make a difference with this blog….if no where else, at least in my own life.  And I’m happy with that.
What are my goals?  My goals are simple…to make you smile, to make you laugh, to make you think, to inspire you, and to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone at times.
Our family (whatever yours may look like) are the most important people in our lives.  Sometimes we get so busy taking care of them we forget to take care of ourselves, and I hope through this blog, I can remind myself and my readers that we are OK, we deserve a break, we deserve to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves.  We all have so much to give, but we need to nurture ourselves to be able to give to others.
How long will the posts be?   Some days posts will be about this length, some days maybe a few sentences, some days a picture, some days, when I’m on a roll, the posts might be longer.  Feel free to comment if you think they are too long!
How often will I post?   At least once a week.  Hopefully at least 3 times per week depending on what is going on in my life.
How will you know when I post something?  Several ways….you can sign up to get a copy via email.  You can sign up for RSS feed.  Or sometimes I will post on facebook.  Or you can just look my page up when the mood strikes.
So tell me….do you think I’m crazy for starting this blog?