My Cross Blog Conversation with Benecia Ponder – (Round 3)

Have you been following my cross blog conversation with Benecia Ponder?  It has been a fun experience.  One I hope to repeat in the future with other bloggers.

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When we first started this challenge, Benecia and I agreed to do three rounds of questions and answers.  Benecia kicked off our challenge and I will close it. This is the final segment.

Yesterday, Benecia offered my readers a free gift:  From Stuck to Unstoppable.  It’s five days of personal transformation that will help you to identify and begin to sweep away the obstacles standing between you and your biggest goals and dreams.  Access is absolutely free at http:://

And, if this is your first time joining our conversation, you’ll definitely want ot catch up on our previous posts.

Now……the final segment of our conversation.

Our Conversation


It is the end the week already!  WOW this has been fun.  The week went fast and I have learned a lot about you and your amazing business.

I really appreciate the free course you offered my peeps.  I hope some of them take advantage of the offer.

Now for my answers to your questions:

Benecia Asked:  What do you most want to accomplish with your business?

My Answer:  I want to help other people be successful online.  I also want to have a business to retire  to when I leave my current job.

Benecia Asked:  I have many readers who are entrepreneur and business owners. What services or products can you offer them to help boost their social media effectiveness?

My Answer: I offer Social Media Management and content writing as well as Curation and Blog writing.  On my website you can sign up for FREE Social Media Tips to help them improve their visibility and engagement.  In a few days I will also be offering a 15 day FREE  program of social media coaching by email.  If they sign up now for the FREE Tips, they will be notified about the coaching program when it goes live.

Benecia Asked:  This has been a busy month for both of us in the Stretch Yourself Challenge. How do you plan to maintain your momentum going forward?

My Answer:  Well during the next two weeks I am having a blog makeover and I am finishing up my free 15 day Social Media coaching program.  I am also going to the Exposure and Profit Conference in Toronto. Then I signed up to do some coaching with Kelly McCausey in May so I think I will keep the momentum going with  no problem, at least till June  🙂

This has been a fun experience and I want to thank you for participating in this challenge with me Benecia.

I hope you, the reader,  have enjoyed listening in on our conversation back and forth.  Thanks for joining us.

Robin Sig

Make Better Social Media Posts with Content Curation

Here’s the challenge: You want to be active on social media as much as possible. Yet the best social media advice out there counsels you to not always be self promotional. How can you be active, remind folks about your brand but not have it always be about you?

Enter a content curation strategy.

Smart Curation Skills

Create Blog Posts Easily

By curating the best content in your niche on your site and sharing those links through your social media profiles, you’re providing attention grabbing content, exposing more people to your site and brand and you’re not leaving everyone with that ‘It’s always about him/her’ flavor in their mouths.

You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all unliked those Facebook pages that seem stuck on a self promotional stutter with messages that scream ‘Me! Me! Me!’

When you embrace curation as a way of being a connector, you’re embracing the larger community. You’re showing your circle of influence that you’re not all about you – that you respect other opinions and want to lift up other ideas when it makes sense.

I’m more likely to stay engaged with a Facebook page owner who demonstrates this awareness of community and who consistently connects me to the resources, tools and people I can benefit from.

Kelly McCausey has written a guide that shows you how easily this can be done. I’m going through the course now and have found it very useful.  Smart Curation Skills demonstrates the time saving systems she uses to curate content for her niche. Check it out: Smart Curation Skills.