Boost Engagement on Social Media With These 3 Psychology Principles

Boost Engagement on Social MediaAre your social media posts getting enough engagement?  Are your followers really paying attention to anything you post?

Social media engagement is determined by how well your posts encourage your followers to take action.  If your followers aren’t taking action, they are not connected to your brand and what you are offering.

Three Principles For Engagement

Understanding these three psychology principles will help you post content that will engage your followers and increase your traffic.

  1. Appeal to Knowledge Seekers

People are seeking explanations.  The word “why” is a trigger word you can use in your own social media marketing. Use “why” to ignite the desire to search for the answer to a question.

In your posts, explain to your followers why they need something and how they’ll get it by reading your content or using your product.

  1. Focus on a Desire

You can get more engagement from your social media posts if you your target audience believes that they can easily implement a solution to a problem they are experiencing.

By offering content in a simple, straightforward way that your followers can connect with, they will be more likely to engage and continue to show an interest in your posts.

Guide readers through the hard stuff and break it down in easy-to-understand chunks of information so they can take action quickly and easily.

  1. Tap into the Fear of Missing Out

It’s human nature to be uneasy about being left out. We always want to be in the know and be where the action is happening. We want to feel included. If we say no to something, we’re afraid that we’ll miss out on something that could benefit us.

When you start including your followers in what you’re doing, you’ll see an improvement in your social media engagement. Don’t allow your customers to be afraid of missing out with your business. Give them every opportunity to join you.

It’s all about the inclusion. Start implementing this into your marketing strategy; involving your audience in what you’re doing will make them feel more connected to you. It will create a sense of ownership with your brand.

A great way to connect with your audience and build your following is to incorporate these psychological principles when creating your content.  You will notice your customers and prospects engaging more, clicking on more links, and altogether being more interested in what you have to offer.

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